Lizzy's Restaurant

    • Signature Sundaes

      A List of the Creative and Exclusive Sundaes you have come to LOVE from Lizzy's

    • Banana Split

      Banana Split

      Soft Serve $9.50
      Hand Dipped $12.50
    • CampFire Sundae

      CampFire Sundae


      Our premium twist soft serve ice cream, marshmallow topping, graham cracker sugar and chocolate covered waffle fries

    • Fried Cheesecake Sundae

      Fried Cheesecake Sundae


      Our premium vanilla soft serve ice cream with two fried cheesecake triangles with your choice of chocolate, strawberry or black raspberry sauce

    • Greencastle Kinder Surprise Sundae

      Greencastle Kinder Surprise Sundae


      Our premium vanilla soft serve ice cream with Oreo's, chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge, and M&Ms

    • Hand Dipped Sundae

      Regular 6.50-7.00
      Large 7.75-8.25
    • Reese's Overload Sundae

      Reese's Overload Sundae


      Our premium vanilla soft serve ice cream with Reese's Pieces, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and peanut butter sauce

    • soft serve sundae

      Regular $4.85-5.35
      Large $5.85-6.35
    • Strawberry Bacon Sundae


      Our premium vanilla soft serve ice cream, strawberry topping, real bacon and a drizzle of chocolate sauce

    • Sweet Potato Maple Sundae

      Sweet Potato Maple Sundae


      Our premium vanilla soft serve ice cream with maple syrup and sweet potato waffle fries dusted with cinnamon and sugar

    • The Turtle Sundae

      The Turtle Sundae


      Our premium vanilla soft serve ice cream with hot fudge, caramel sauce and pecans

    • Unicorn Sundae

      Unicorn Sundae


      Cotton Candy Ice Cream, black raspberry sauce, marshmallow and rainbow sprinkles

    • Shakes, Twisters & Floats

      A List of our available Flavors for our Made to Order Shakes, Twisters & Floats

    • Floats

      Small $3.00
      Medium $3.50
      Large $4.00
    • Hand Dipped Milk Shake


      Enjoy a Made to Order Milk Shake made from our Premium Hand Dipped Ice Cream. We have 24 different Flavor to Choose from, Get Crazy, Mix and Match your Flavor to Create your Special Creation!

    • Lemon Sorbet Freezie


      w/ Sierra Mist (no dairy) choose strawberry or raspberry

    • Soft Serve Milk Shake

      Soft Serve Milk Shake

      Small $4.85
      Medium $6.00
      Large $7.25

      Enjoy a Fresh Made to Order Milk Shake Made from Our Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream. Just Pick your Size and Flavor. We offer Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, Banana, and Strawberry Banana. Get Crazy and Mix and Match your own Flavor!

    • Twisters

      Small $5.75
      Large $7.75

      Enjoy Our Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream Flavor of your Choice Mixed with your Favorite Candy. If you want to make your Twisters Jam Packed with Candy Goodness or mix flavors just add Extra Topping for .50 cents.

      Flavors: Banana, Butterfinger, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Fruity Pebbles, Heath, M&Ms, Cookie Dough, Oreo, Peanut Butter Cup, Reese's Pieces, Strawberry

    • Hand Dipped Flavors & Soft Serve

      A List of our currently offered hand dipped ice cream.

    • Hand Dipped

      Hand Dipped

      1 Scoop $3.25
      2 Scoops $5.95
      3 Scoops $8.00

      We serve our Premium Hand Dipped Ice Cream in your Choice of Cone or in a Dish 1 Scoop at a Time. Feel Free to Mix and Match our Awesome Flavors to settle whatever your craving. Want to get Crazy

    • soft serve

      soft serve

      Kiddie $1.75
      Small $3.00
      Medium $3.50
      Large $4.50
      Pint $5.00
      Quart $8.75

      Our Soft serve is made with Premium ingredients and real sugar that will leave a rich, smooth, and creamy finish. Perfect on a cone or in a dish by itself or finish with one of our many Sauces or Toppings.